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Ecofys - a leading company in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change.
  Acre Resources - Acre is the leading recruitment agency specialising in Environment, CSR / Sustainability and Climate Change.
  Climate Change Capital Ltd - a leading investment banking group specialising in the commercial opportunities created by a low carbon economy.
  Helius Energy - established to install and operate biomass fired renewable electricity generation plants
  SEA/Renue - A not for profit company and environmental charity, workingto create a sustainable future for London
  Entec - our sense of purpose is captured in the phrase creating the environment for business.
  Econnect - a responsive business, delivering expert services to a wide range of clients.
  A Greener Place - a London-based, one-stop service for busy, urban people who want to make their homes more energy efficient.
  Balcas - one of Britain and Ireland's largest wood products suppliers, with a turnover of £65 million.
  Cogenco - With over 20 years’ experience, Cogenco is Europe’s leading specialist in
combined heat and power generation.
  Infinis - We are the UK's largest purely renewable energy generator.
  ENER-G - develops and operates sustainable energy projects and solutions including renewable energy, cogeneration and energy management/energy efficiency.
  Inetec - develops food waste to energy projects and has patented technology to convert mixed food and packaging waste into a stable biomass fuel.
  Finning UK - the leading supplier of biogas generators to the UK.
  IPA - provides advice to renewable developers, operators, government authorities and regulators based on its extensive knowledge of energy markets, trading and regulation.
  Rothamsted Research - recognised internationally as a primary source of first-class scientific research and new knowledge on innovative policies, products and practices to enhance the economic, environmental and societal value of agricultural land.
  Iogen - Established in the 1970s, Iogen Corporation has become one of Canada's leading biotechnology firms.
  Hydroventuri - a renewable energy company with a heavily patented innovative technology which produces low cost energy in an environmental friendly way with significantly wide applicability.

IT Power - an international renewable energy consultancy with extensive experience in evaluating the economic, social, financial, commercial and environmental aspects of renewable energy applications.